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AluCab Alu-Cabin (For Full Size Trucks)

AluCab Alu-Cabin (For Full Size Trucks)

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AluCab Alu-Cabin starts at $14,328, not including installation or delivery fees.

Use this page to make a $500 refundable order deposit or call us at 859-697-2082. See the order process at the bottom of this page for more details.


  • Ram 1500 2007-present
  • Ram 2500 2010-2022
  • Ram 3500 2010-2022
  • Toyota Tundra 2007-present
  • GMC Sierra 2007-present
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007-present
  • Ford F150 2015-present
  • Ford F250 2017-2023
  • Ford F350 coming soon and available for pre-order


Since the introduction of the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper, some 2 years ago, we have seen many adventurers join the Alu-Cab Family worldwide. This versatile, off-the-shelf camper has had great success globally and we have seen the Canopy Camper exploring the wilderness in over 60 countries.

As our tribe has grown, so has the interest for the introduction of the Full Size Canopy Camper. And so, without further ado, we give you the Alu-Cabin. A Full-Size Canopy Camper, which models the same modular design as the Canopy Camper, it just got bigger! The Alu-Cabin, now suited to fit the larger 5.5 and 6.5 Trucks.

The Alu-Cabin includes shoe bag on roof, one light in the roof, one light under the bed, 3 lights at the doors, 2 stalk lights, a USB Port and wiring for a solar panel. Please note that the solar panel is not included.


An easy-access vertical door with heavy-duty hinges, and the ability to mount a 33″ spare-wheel (No need for an after-market rear bumper and wheel carrier). 

The vertical door solves the problem of dust entering through the tailgate.

Proprietary extrusions are used throughout the construction for a drill-free fitment

Tried and tested dual-layer canvas tent

Flip-away bed means ample headroom and standing space

Bedding remains in place whether the tent is open or closed

Roof rails to facilitate the mounting of various rooftop accessories

Side-access canopy doors

A zip down/roll up Fly Sheet


Length Overall - 2889 mm (end to end) 

Frame Length - 2007 mm

Width Overall - 1793 mm 

Frame Width - 1780 mm

Optional Accessories

Solar Panels

From the factory, the Alu-Cab Alu-Cabin comes pre-wired for solar. This includes a convenient Anderson SB50 Plug that is mounted to the roof exterior. While the Alu-Cab Canopy Camper can accept any solar, we have worked with Sunflare to produce panels that are optimized for the available roof space while still accommodating a pair of load bars.


One of Alu-Cab's best selling products, the Shadow Awning has become the standard in vehicle awnings for its fast deployment and incredible strength while remaining lightweight. The Shadow Awning is only available in left hand configuration for the Canopy Camper. The Shadow Awn Mounting Brackets and Deflector is required to install the Shadow Awning.

A must-have addition for the adventurer who finds themselves using the Shadow Awning in all types of conditions is the gutter kit. This kit enables one to close the gap between vehicle and awning. This way further sealing the user from those stormy conditions. The Shadow Awning is required to install the Shadow Awning Gutter.

The Alu-Cab Shower Cube incorporates the quick yet stout design of the Shadow Awn providing a privacy curtain perfect for showers, a quick clothing change or any activity best kept form the eyes of others. The Shower Cube Brackets are required to install the Shower Cube.

Interior Canvas Storage Solutions

Lightweight and versatile these canvas storage pockets offer great options to store all your gear.

Bug Screens

The Mozzie or Midgie net is a practical accessory used on our Canopy Campers to keep bugs and insects out of your vehicle while allowing fresh air inside. It is attached to the interior of the side doors with self-adhesive Velcro. They are designed with a heavy-duty canvas cover to provide additional insulation in colder temps (the same material as our Alu-Cab Tents), which can be rolled up, exposing the netting material only. Alternatively, the netting window can be zipped open and rolled up, providing an open window.

Exterior & Interior Table

Alu-Cab’s aluminum camping table like most of our products is built almost entirely from aluminum. The bonus of this, is it keeps the weight down but as usual still offers the strength Alu-Cab is known for. Built from a strong aluminum frame with legs that jump into position via gas struts it almost eliminates the effort to set up. The table top is made from rigidised aluminum that helps to prevent scratching. It’s a must have product for all campers! The Table Slide is required to install the aluminum table under the overhang of the canopy camper.

If you want the aluminum table, you will need the table slide. The table slide installs below the canopy camper above the cab of the vehicle. This allows you to quickly deploy and stow the table.

GP Factor Rear Door Drop Table and Cutting Board

Add versatility to your Alu-Cab Canopy Camper! The GP-Factor Drop Table comes with 3/16 stainless rivets for installation. The table is made from complete stainless pieces with a zinc 1/2" pull tab latch.

Rear Molle Panels

This accessory uses the unique space created by our rear door design, allowing endless mounting opportunities on the back of the Canopy Camper. This is especially important for items like Fuel, Propane and other items not welcomed inside the living space of your camper.

Spare Wheel Bracket

The Canopy Camper Spare wheel bracket has a multi stud universal PCD layout to fit all OEM wheel holes. We’ve added an adjustable section that can fit various wheel offsets and gives you the ability to tighten the wheel against the wheel carrier. This clamping feature allows the wheel to be securely held in place and removes any vibrations that can lead to part failure and further injuries to vehicles behind you.

Expedition Essentials 11lb Propane Tank Mount

The PQBM is a secure quick opening and locking solution for mounting the commonly used 11lb and 5lb propane bottles from Flame King and Worthington. Quick opening single turn access by way of a special key and compression lock. Constructed from .125 5052 Aluminum for strength and increased weight savings. Powder coated black for corrosion resistance and a perfect match for the Canopy Camper. Requires the Rear MOLLE Panels to install.

Load Bars and Feet

Alu-Cab Load Bars feature a proprietary triple T slot profile and attach directly to the standard integrated roof channels for a low profile. Perfect for attaching your favorite toys and bringing them along for the adventure.

Order Process: 

  1. The order process starts by placing your refundable order deposit on, or skip this step by calling 859-697-2082.
  2. One of our sales team will give you a call to discuss options and take your payment (or refund your order deposit if you've changed your mind!).
  3. AluCab will start or deliver your build. Most models are kept in stock, but we will give you a time estimate before taking your payment.
  4. An install time will be scheduled at Commonwealth 4x4 in Winchester, KY. 

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