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iKamper Disco Camp Stove

iKamper Disco Camp Stove

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Inspired by generations of farmers in the Southwestern United States that made improvised cook surfaces from plow discs, a tradition called “Discada.” Whether you want to cook standing up, sitting down, over the fire, or on uneven ground, the Disco Series rises to the occasion. Constructed with enameled cast iron, anodized aluminum legs, and rubberized feet for stability, no matter the landscape. The perfect companion for any adventure, taking only seconds to deploy.

Easy to Clean

Unlike traditional cast iron, the Disco Skillet can be washed with soap and water. No seasoning required, just practical and easy to care for.

Everything Right Where You Need It

The Disco Table is compact, reversible, and attaches to any side of the Tripod. Cup holders keep your drink (or sauces) steady, and the accessory rail organizes your essentials.


Use the components independently, or together as a dedicated cook station, and effortlessly reconfigure your setup as the situation changes.


The Disco Stove, developed in partnership with Kovea, features durable stainless steel construction and an 8455 BTU burner. Use it on the Tripod, or on its own deployable feet.

Enameled Cast Iron

The exceptional heat retention and durability of cast iron without the hangups. The Disco Skillet is coated with enamel for a naturally seasoned, non-stick cooking surface.

Temperature Control

The Disco Skillet offers zoned cooking with direct heat at the center, and indirect heat around the edges so you can sear steak and roast vegetables at the same time. Or scale heat up and down using the Tripod’s pulley system over the fire.


Disco Skillet Size: 15.75” Diameter (40 cm)

Disco Tripod: Thick, heat-resistant anodized aluminum legs, rubber feet

Disco Tripod Size: 4.8" x 22" (Closed); 35” - 47” (Open)

Disco Table: Furniture-grade, waterproof birch plywood

Fuel: Butane canisters; or propane canisters (using iKamper propane adapter sold separately)

Total Weight: 27 lbs (12 kg)

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